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Alcamy is a community of self-learning helping each other learn tough topics faster by curating the best online resources, summarizing these resources and generally helping each other.

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Very excited to share Alcamy with everyone here at Product Hunt! We're taking an open, Wikipedia-like approach to curating content & information for self-learning. Call it a Wikipedia + Coursera + Reddit mashup. Our mission is to make learning and teaching using the resources already available on the web open, free and exciting! It's a growing idea and we would love to hear your feedback here! All Product Hunt referrals get contributor access! So show some love (–report back any bugs) 😻 More about the product:
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@ujzeee I can see limited number of categories. Do you have plan to add more categories in future?
Love the design, @ujzeee. How are you choosing which topics to cover?
Thanks @rrhoover! – was inspired to design something with a clean, open vibe 🙌 Atm we're going with the different specialties of our team members so we can moderate quality of content! – Mostly tech/design/genetics focused :) Hoping to curate content for new programs based on what people request on the site! Excited to see a few people already creating their own courses, so hoping to verify those and publish to the library soon!
@ujzeee it is quite nice and clean. But please check for mobil devices. There could be some improvements.
@_stritti_ Thanks Stephan! We didn't work too hard on make the site fully responsive since we have a mobile app in the works. But I'll definitely improve the mobile views before going out of beta! :)
@ujzeee would be cool, thanks!
Alcamy is an awesome platform! I just started creating a topic on 'Prototyping Your Product Ideas', which you can check out here: I have had this problem for years–how can I effectively curate resources and teach people about topics? Usually, I send an email with a bunch of links. @chrismessina knows this all too well with my email to him about React. Alcamy is much more engaging and organized. I can see this being really effective for onboarding new people to your team. @ujzeee would love to be able to reorder sections and share my topics more easily. This is a great start to the beta so far! Looking forward to learning and teaching more through Alcamy.
@kunalslab @chrismessina Thanks very much for the feedback and trying it out Kunal! Great topic you're putting together there - We'll also contribute and line it up as a featured topic on the homepage! We're working on improving the editing capabilities as I type!
@ujzeee @chrismessina that would be awesome. Would love to have you contribute. Just started this as a stub. There's way more ground to cover! Also, would love to get social images when I share a topic using an Alcamy link.
@kunalslab @chrismessina Thanks for the tip! - Will have setup to attach topic specific images to shares soon!
@vabustillos @kunalslab @chrismessina Improved, searchable version definitely coming - right now we have the library with verified courses
I really liked the idea as a learning professional, I think it's really a great way to go. It gets bit confusing after sign-up when it asks me to Add a new question. Don't know what it means
@varundave Thanks for giving it a shot and the feedback! :) - The idea is for you to be able to create your own courses and quizzes on the dashboard or see questions once you start a course from the library. New onboarding definitely on the way! :)
Made an account am very confused about what came next. Some onboarding (or a better entry point) would be lovely.
@dustinlocke Hi! Thanks for checking it out! A new on boarding is definitely on the way - the idea was for the dashboard to get populated with quizzes and allow you to create your own learning courses. Simply add a course from the library :) – Early beta right now - new onboarding definitely on the way :)