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Break up your typical music habits with an album per day from Album Daily, entirely free.  Through one of our two email newsletters, distributed daily or weekly, we are committed to help you discover and re-discover the best of the music world.
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Hi PH 👋 My name is Henry Garrett, founder of Album Daily. I used to walk into my office every morning, put in headphones 🎧, open up Apple Music, and click play on the same 200 song playlist. Day, after day, after day... I was in a music rut. That is why I created Album Daily, to help break up your typical music habits, while discovering and re-discovering music, passively. From new releases, to timeless classics, Album Daily is committed to exposing you to great music, from a variety of genres and artists. Our newsletters are sent either daily or weekly, allowing you to decide when you receive your albums for the week. Now, you can walk into the office (or wherever you are), put in headphones 🎧, open up your Album Daily email, and click play. That sounds much better ✅ Let me know what you think! -Henry @ Album Daily
Been a subscriber from the beginning and it has helped me widen the varieties of music I listen to and open up a whole new world of music out there that I didn’t know about before! Music has now become a hobby of mine because of Album Daily. Keep up the good work, excited to see where Album Daily will go 👍🏽
@paige_yaeger Thanks Paige, so glad you are enjoying the product!
Been a subscriber for a while and enjoy the recommendations. Its helping me fight my 2 year old sons influence on my Spotify algorithm 😂 And I’m getting out of my usual playlists and listening to some different music. Keep it coming 👍
@paul_metcalfe Thanks Paul! Really glad you enjoy it. Maybe we need to add some baby shark so that your son feels included :)
@henry_garrett haha. Pinkfong ruined my life
Great way to break up the routine of music. Love the variety and easy access with clickable links to open up the app! I’ve been making a running playlist of all recommendations and really opened up my musical palate 😋
@jordan_arends Thanks Jordan! Happy you are liking Album Daily!
Hey Henry, I really love the work you're doing here with Album Daily/Weekly. Glad to see another avenue for music exploration.
@rafael_negron Thanks Rafael, glad to have you as a part of the community