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Product Hunt, hello! I'm the founder of Albert alongside @andrzej_baraniak, and we'd love to hear from you. Albert is brand new, just made it into the iOS app store yesterday, and we'd love all of your feedback as we launch the service.
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@yinonar congrats Yinon! Proud beta tester and excited for the launch!
@yinonar @andrzej_baraniak Congrats on your launch! The app looks awesome.
@yinonar @andrzej_baraniak Congrats Yinon. Love this product.
Albert is like a supercharged Mint for mobile. They give you simple, actionable financial advice on an iOS app. Think repaying credit card debt with a low-interest loan or getting renter's insurance. Plus, the founders are super smart, thoughtful humans.
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Compared to Mint, this tool is awesome and without maintenance fees.
Congrats on the launch @yinonar! My favorite little feature has been the trend cards that compare my spending habits against the average user :) What other features do you have on the roadmap?
Hey @yinonar I thought it was something related to Arduino. Your logo resembles Arduino's.
@moinism Duly noted. We based our logo on owl eyes – the idea is that Albert watches over you gently ;) We also liked the idea of infinity, which I guess is the root of both logos as well.