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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2019
Albacross Workflows introduces integrations with popular services like Pipedrive, Slack, Zapier, plain Webhooks and more in the future. With Workflows, you can easily build lead nurturing flows by sending data straight from Albacross to your favorite apps.
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What’s up, product hunters 😻? Thanks for the hunt, @kevin! Marcus from Albacross! Albacross - a B2B Lead Generation platform that turns anonymous website visitors into actionable, warm leads automatically. Today, I’m super excited to introduce our brand-new Albacross Workflows and more! So what’s Workflows all about? The use case is simple but powerful: First, identify the companies that aren’t your existing customers and haven’t converted yet, but show high buyer intent. Then, send those leads anywhere automatically. For example, you can now send: - Real-time notifications in Slack when important prospects visit your website - Newly discovered companies, along with employee contact details, directly to Pipedrive. - Email-retargeting campaigns to Marketing Qualified Leads via Zapier and Webhooks. We’ve added the much-anticipated Webhooks feature to Workflows, which allows users to access their leads data from anywhere, anytime. The entire Albacross Team would be overjoyed to have you on board and to hear your feedback in the comments below! I’m around for the whole day here, so stay tuned. Marcus. PS. Albacross’ uses proprietary data (not just Google Analytics) to connect IP addresses to companies together with GDPR compliant employee contact data. What integration would you like to add to Albacross?
Hubspot CRM
Hubspot Marketing Automation
Salesforce CRM
Microsoft Dynamics
Others - Add in the comment below :)
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@marcus_svensson There is more than one integration I could think of, but I would suggest to add more and more information in the payload of the already existing webhooks system.
Albacross is easy to use and offers a good coverage for the US. Excited to go deeper with Webhooks.
Best identification software on the market to generate B2B leads thanks to their custom script. Keep on rocking guys!
If you don't have it already, then you miss a real important tool in your company. There's nothing else similar, it's a "wow" effect daily when you get the results.
@puntorosso Thanks a lot, great to hear! We'll do our best to keep "wow"-ing you in the future! 🙌
Super promising product, simple in its core and can represent a really powerful marketing asset to have at your side. Big ups!
@vukconfidential Awesome, i love the workflow where you can send emails thru Lemlist! Its dope!