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Have you ever wondered how many potential clients are landing on your website? Albacross Lead Estimator tool will tell you, how many B2B leads you can detect monthly using any Albacross plan. (hint: there is a free one.)

  • Andrei Zinkevich
    Andrei ZinkevichCEO, Getleado

    The best tracking tool


    Didn't find yet

    I'm using Albacross for several months. I've used Leadfeeder and Leadworx but can say that Albacross accuracy is much better.

    Don't forget that you can add target account to account based advertising campaign with 1 click.

    Andrei Zinkevich has used this product for one month.
  • Ricardo Ghekiere
    Ricardo GhekiereB2B Growth Evangelist

    Love it when engineering and marketing blend together to build powerfull tools like this.


    Haven't found any.

    Great job for building this out!

    Ricardo Ghekiere has used this product for one day.
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Alex. Delivet
Alex. DelivetHunterPro@alexd · Founder at Collect
Hey Product Hunt Community, Ever wondered how many leads you can generate from the traffic coming to your website? Meet the Lead Estimator. It’s a free tool that will help you to understand how many potential leads you can detect with your website based on your traffic and Albacross’ company database. Just enter your website URL and get to know your lead potential. Considering that Albacross offers a free plan, you can start detecting leads at no costs and leverage the power of your traffic. Also, keep in mind that this Estimator shows the approximate number of companies, so it works best for B2B websites. Other than that, we’d be happy to know what you think. Cheers!
Marcus Svensson
Marcus SvenssonMaker@marcus_svensson · Head of Growth, Albacross
Hey Everyone! We are super excited to launch this new tool! The Leads Estimator helps you check how many leads are hiding and waiting to be uncovered! It's perfect for those who help other clients get an idea of how their business is doing! Last launch went really well, so we're hoping for an even better result this time! Feel free to drop a comment or two! Much love! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
@marcus_svensson Just to add here, the Albacross Leads Estimator tool analyses your website traffic and matches it with the existing Albacross Database of companies. So the numbers you see are the expected number of leads in your dashboard. So, go ahead and check what you are missing.
Shreyans Jain
Shreyans Jain@shreyansj_
Hey Alex/Marcus, Congratulations on the product launch. I believe Albracross is an exciting product as it offers more insight into b2b leads - something which all marketers hate generating. 😅 I love how responsive and quick it is in terms of telling me how many leads I can generate from my website. Could you tell me a little more about how that number is calculated? This will help in convincing other team members and getting them on board to start using Albracross and generate more leads. Cheers, Shreyans
@shreyansj_ Great question! I mentioned it in the comment above, so basically, Estimator is connected to the Albacross Companies Database. So, when you enter the website URL, it pings the traffic data for that website and matches it with the data in the database. Then the approximate result is getting calculated and you see the estimate. So, the result is 100% based on the real data from the Albacross.
Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh@debarati_ghosh · HR Manager
It is a very useful tool for marketing companies. But share the link from where we get the app or program.
Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh@debarati_ghosh · HR Manager
@shastnyy thanks
Albin Stööp
Albin Stööp@albin_stoop2
I love the design (and of course, the concept of the product)! Time to get some leads! 🚀
@pralbin Thanks, we appreciate your feedback. Have you got yours? ;)