Alarmy (Sleep if U Can)

Take a picture to turn off the alarm!

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Hi Product Hunters! Alarmy is aimed to prevent you from getting up late with some unique and exciting features. - Photo Mode : The alarm will turn off only when you get out of the bed and take a picture of a particular, pre-determined object, such as your bathroom sink - Math Mode : You will have to solve some math problems to stop the alarm - We also support general alarm modes such 'Shake Mode', 'Barcode/QR-code Mode', etc. Try our app for your morning and we will be excited to hear any ideas, questions or feedbacks that can make Alarmy even more stronger and hateful in the mornings. Thanks!
@bentossell Hi Ben, we released iOS free version recently and it is totally redesigned!
@bentossell And additionally, we also noticed that @BrittanyMetz thankly posted our service last year, but thought it will be good to post it again with our major updates by our own to share feedbacks
Been my favourite alarm app for the last year. Always works well
@blakefolgado Thanks for using Alarmy! We are working hard to keep it in that way๐Ÿ˜Ž
So many people I know that this is perfect for ๐Ÿ™Œ
@mstrvrs Thanks Phillip!
I never try these alarm apps as I've always thought you can cancel the alarm by force quitting the app, turning down the phone's volume, putting it on mute, turning off the phone, putting the phone in a sound proof box, etc. Is my logic flawed?
@theleovogel That's a good point. For preventing that situation, we blocked not only controlling volume but also launching task manager while alarm ringing! In addition, we provide "prevent phone turn-off" feature. (Just in android version because of the technical issue) So please give it a try :)