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Akita is a Customer Success Management Platform designed to help you reduce customer churn and increase revenue 💰 from your existing customer base.

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    Great Core CS Functionality & Integrations



    Easy to setup and integrate. What you see is what you get. Rapid ROI in comparison with our CSM tools.

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Clay Smith
Clay SmithMaker@dclay · Founder, @Akita
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 Clay, Sandra, & Barry here! We are so excited to launch Akita on Product Hunt 🚀 and can't thank Nichole enough for hunting us! Akita is a full-featured Customer Success Management platform that helps software companies reduce churn and grow revenue 💰 from the customers they already have. In a nutshell, Akita allows you to: * Aggregate all of your customer data in a single place (we integrate with over 90 different SaaS apps); * Segment your accounts and contacts; * Create fully-customized Customer Health Scores; * Automate your Customer Success processes (great to manage onboardings, renewals, etc); and * Set up activity or health related alerts. Existing Customer Success software is really expensive, locks you into long contracts, and has a long implementation period. We built Akita to be affordable and provide value in days not months. If you are passionate about Customer Success we would love to show you how we are different--visit our site and sign up for a demo. We are offering any Product Hunt users that sign up this month 50% off for their first 3-months! If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas--please pass them on in the comments! 👇 Cheers, Team Akita
Oisin Ryan
Oisin Ryan@redoisin · Founder @ServiceDock, Dublin, Ireland
@dclay looks like an amazing product. How exactly does Akita help identify upsell opps?
Clay Smith
Clay SmithMaker@dclay · Founder, @Akita
@redoisin Hi Oisin. Akita can be configured to address this a couple of ways. For instance: * By integrating our tracking code or Segment.com, you can identify accounts that are approaching their license/usage limit; * You can create an alert so your CSM is aware of this potential upsell; and * Finally, the alert can trigger a series of automated emails and tasks that will help close the upsell. You can also create a customized Customer Health Score that will identify those customers who are receiving the most value out of your product. These customers are quite often great upsell opportunities. At the end of the day, each business is different, and Akita provides tools that can be configured around the specifics of your business.
Manoj Ranaweera
Manoj Ranaweera@manojranaweera · Founder & CEO, UnifiedVU
Well done with the launch Clay. Looking forward to a trial mid Jan.
Clay Smith
Clay SmithMaker@dclay · Founder, @Akita
@manojranaweera Thanks Manoj!
Sarah Hum
Sarah HumHiring@sarahhum · Founder at Canny
Congrats team! We're excited to try Akita out. How does Akita help us automate our customer success? We spend quite a bit of time on it today.
Clay Smith
Clay SmithMaker@dclay · Founder, @Akita
@sarahhum Hi Sarah! Thanks for the question! There are several where Akita can help most companies automate their customer success processes: * Data aggregation. Most companies' customer data is siloed into half a dozen different SaaS applications, Google sheets, and server logs. Akita aggregates this data automatically. * Building a 360-degree view of your customers. Getting the data in one place is just the first step. Akita automates the process of collating data from different sources into a single, 360-degree of each customer, complete with a full record of all of the interactions you have ever had. * Standardizing and automating workflows. Akita allows you to predefine workflows your CS team often repeats. Rather than reinvent the wheel for each onboarding or renewal, Akita can automatically generate a series of sequential tasks that should be completed and messages that should be sent as part of the process. * Generating Customer Health Scores. Akita allows Customer Success teams to ditch excel and build complex Customer Health scores that are refreshed automatically based on the data we aggregate or how your customers are interacting with your product or service. Hope this helps!
Emmanuel Aremu
Emmanuel Aremu@earemu · Growth Lead
Congrats on launching, definitely like the Customer Health Scores that gives you a quick update on each customer.
Clay Smith
Clay SmithMaker@dclay · Founder, @Akita
@earemu Thanks Emmanuel. Customer Health Scores can be really powerful *if* you configure them right (one-size rarely fits all!) Akita actually allows you to create multiple "Score Sets" so you might have a couple different scores for each customer (Usage Health Score and Maturity Score). We've tried to make the system as flexible as possible!