Assessment scanning and grading with iPhone

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Mahmoud cofounder of Akindi here. It was a lot fun working with Robleh and team to repurpose our web platform and tech for a native mobile experience. Our goal with the app was to make it easy for educators to get on the spot results and insights to provide instant feedback to their students and make informed adjustments to their instruction. If you know a teacher or prof you know how miserable grading time is. Share Akindi and be their hero 👑. s/o to my cofounder @wolever and the TH crew @cpollo01 @humayunnkhan @robchia @kenhuang
The Akindi mobile app, makes it really easy for teachers to quickly grade assessments with their iPhone’s camera and get immediate results, insights, and analysis. 📲 My team and I at Tiny Hearts Studio had a lot of fun building this app for our friends at Akindi. Check out the media kit if you're interested in learning more -- https://medium.com/@akindi/akind...
@robjama @akindi Looks beautiful, looking forward to trying it out :D
Teacher's life saver!
@mhashim huge congrats!!! This is awesome :)