Educational activities to do with your 0-11 yr old at home.

Akily is a free, child development app that provides highly personalized child development activities for parents (or any caregiver) to do with children at home.
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Hi PH community, @taniazapata here! Co-founder and CEO of Akily. We created Akily because we wanted to democratize child development, and we think that now is the right moment to do this. With so many parents at home not knowing what to do with their children, Akily can provide ideas of activities that are not only fun for the kid and the parent but are also targeting the different areas of development. -The app is free. -Every single journey is personalized to the child. -Parents can create a journal with pictures every time an activity is done. -Several caregivers can share one child account. -Parents have a dashboard that helps them understand the child's progress. Under the hood, Akily uses graph theory to model the relationships of all developmental milestones and their respective processes along with their weights. Development is not a linear journey; babies and kids learn and improve and regress before they go forward again. We wanted to replicate this natural development on our graph. Age is not an indication of development. We wanted to make sure this is reflected in the desicion making process of which activity is given next, based on the feedback provided from the previous one. Feedback would be fantastic, and if you don't have kids, I am sure you know someone that does, would you mind sharing Akily with them? Thanks!
I've used Akily since my son was 4 months. He's 15 months now and I've enjoyed each milestone achieved and how the different activities that Akily has, have helped him to get there: when he started crawling, now that he's starting to walk, and how curious he is with the world around.
@juanita_casas1 Thank you for your support! :)
I've been beta testing Akily for a while and my daughter loves it. It reminds me of the StrengthsFinder methodology. It's great to see where my daughter is doing well compared to other kids. It allows me to help her develop such skills even more while being aware of the areas where she is behind.
Amazing app with fun and creative activities!
Perfect for the quarantine!!!
@luisbetancourtco Indeed! Thank you.