Akamai Developer Toolkit for Chrome

A simple chrome extension for the most common Akamai tools

With the Akamai Developer Toolkit, developers and administrators can easily access Akamai tools without having to log into the Akamai Luna Control Center. This extension enables you to purge content, translate Akamai error codes, test APIs, and debug requests going through an Akamai server—all from within your Chrome workspace

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👋 Hello Hunters! 👋 I am glad to get this launched. Here are the list of problems the extension helps solve 👑 If you are a CDN Admin who get requests from multiple developers they work with to purge content, debug an Akamai reference error, pull Akamai logs or even test out a new Akamai API endpoint. Very often you have to do this yourself by logging into the Akamai control center or via our APIs. 👉 You can now ask them to download this extension and provide them with an Akamai API credential. All these common tasks can be done directly from within the extension 👉 You are interested in trying out a new Akamai API endpoint, instead of configuring POSTMAN or other REST API GUIs, you can simply use the Akamai API tester to test out the end point before operationalizing it. ⚒ If you are a Developer and need to purge content or try out a new API endpoint with Akamai, you no longer have to depend on your CDN admin 👉 Download this extension and ask your admin for an Akamai API credential. You get to do all the common operations like purge, translate errors, pull logs and test APIs directly from within the extension 💬 If you have any feedback or need a new feature, please request them via the Feedback button within the extension