Weekly cash prizes to the top 10 jokes with the most votes.

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Hey fellow Product Hunters! AJokeADay is the first and only joke site that actually rewards it users with cash (paid out via PayPal) for funny jokes. AJokeADay pays out cash prizes to the top 10 jokes each and every week. The top 10 jokes are solely determined by the sites users who vote on the jokes. The jokes with the most votes get the cash! We are hoping with this new model we will get people to submit latest and freshest jokes. As once a joke wins a duplicate joke is not eligible. AJokeADay.com is only for clean political correct jokes. A dirty joke version is under development. See all the rules here: http://www.ajokeaday.com/prizes. Any feedback? Please let us know...
@dantemonteverde Looks awesome! I absolutely love the idea. Is there any mechanism to make sure that the jokes are original? Like is there anything stopping people from going to /r/Jokes and copy pasting the most upvoted jokes every week?
@raymestalez @dantemonteverde Yes, this, exactly and completely. Perhaps it's me being overly cynical, but I can't imagine such a mechanism working.
@rotemthegolfer Our dirty jokes website version is currently under development. We hope to launch next month. It will be the same concept but also have dirty jokes. The website will be: http://www.spicyjokes.com/ (Yes I know this current site is... ugly).
@raymestalez good observation. So we can't realistically police all of the Internet and sites like Reddit for duplicate jokes. What we can do is once a joke has been submitted on our site, it is considered the "original". Then we have automatic duplicate joke detection and a human reviewer/admin to make sure the submitted jokes are originals (on our site). We also allow our users to flag jokes on their own, so they can help us spot any duplicate jokes on our AJokeADay.com