A systematic UX design course for the responsive web

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Hi Matt Looks like a good course! I've been using Illustrator for basically everything (even simple bitmap editing!) for years and have a great fondness for it. It's certainly a much better web design, UX tool than most people realise. Especially with the rise of SVGs and @x export requirements. I've been using Sketch fairly recently but there are some glaring workflow holes to overcome for the seasoned AI user! I hope PH does wonders for your course, anyway!
@newsugar Agreed! Thanks 😁👍
@mds tell us what compelled you to create this course :)
@bentossell Heyo... Sure thing! I’ve been using Illustrator for a long long time—ever since graphic design school back in 2004—and I started using it for UX design and wireframing pretty early on in my career. A few years ago a handful of people kept asking me about my process for UX and UI design, so I put together a little wireframing kit on my site: To my surprise it became super popular, compared to the rest of my content. Because of this I decided to write more about Illustrator and started with a post about understanding vector shapes: Again, not really thinking much about it, the post got huge traffic, relatively speaking. Around this same time I watched people like Sean Wes, Nathan Barry, and Ramit Sethi launching courses successfully. The culmination of all these things got me motivated to put the AIUX course together. You can read the longer version of this story here: and here Happy to answer more questions. =)