AiT Smart One

The gamechanging smart desk

App-controlled smart desk with many built-in features.
✅ Dedicated App
✅ Built-in fitness and health module
✅ Fully adjustable height
✅ Air quality sensor
✅ Wireless charger
✅ Ergonomic footrest
✅ App-controller security drawer
✅ Ambient led lighting (Extra)
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hello everyone, My name is Dr. Tamas Marczali, I’m the founder of AiT Smart Products. I hope you like our desks. If yes I can offer you a secret perk, with a reduced price. Please click on the link:
@tamas_marczali Thanks for the secret perk? Definitely a backer of the design, aesthetics and smart functions.. good luck..
@dhruva_shreem Thank you Dhruva, it is very kind from you.
This looks pretty much perfect for my home office situation. I’m sooo tired of sitting in front of my computer all day. I wanna be able to get up every once in a while, without missing important calls or emails. Definitely wanna get!
I haven’t seen such design before. Cool!
This is desk what I looking for! Hope I can get one.
Wow definitely the desk I am looking for, the only thing holding me is Indiegogo, unfortunately, I don't trust them especially with costly items. I would have taken a chance if it was on Kickstarter...I don't know why I feel companies be fishy when they launch on IndieGoGo! And everybody knows Autonomous desk farce...