Integrating cryptocurrency into social networks

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AirWire is an innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem.

AirWire is a fully functioning, patent pending, industry leading platform, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrency with anyone in the world, even if they have never been in the cryptocurrency space.

Use any of our sending options: SMS, Email, Social Media, or Custom Link.

  • Grace Tong
    Grace TongA marketer who codes. Blockchain, Dapp

    brilliant ideas for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, so instead of trying to bring people to crypto, airwire would bring crypto to them.


    airdrop function very popular, not able to get my share of airdrop for currently 30 day airdrop every day by airwire

    I like the idea of giving the crypto world access to billions of people on social media. It has a fully functional product that integrate Twitter, Email, SMS, and a custom URL on the platform and all email providers. I think Airwire is also adding a dozen of social media sites soon, including YouTube, WeChat, Discord, Telegram and several others. I like how airwire bring crypto to masses. That best place to do that is on social media with over 3.3 billion people.

    Also like how the masternode at Airwire generate passive income. With 35,000 WIRE tokens one can set up a masternode; with current blockchain rewards providing around 16% per month token returns.

    Grace Tong has used this product for one year.
  • BitSavage
    BitSavageBlockChain Guru

    Incredible working platform! Crypto for the masses!


    Not liquid enough yet

    I see AirWire being used by the masses! Vendors can accept and much more!

    There needs to be a way to convert to BTC in the account and thats the last step!

    BitSavage has used this product for one year.
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Jitesh Dugar
Jitesh DugarHunter@jitesh_dugar · Indie Hacker
Excited to hunt one of the most innovative cryptocurrency ecosystems that makes transmitting cryptocurrencies extremely easy. What excites me most about AirWire is that it lets you transmit cryptocurrencies easily using any social networks. Sending cryptocurrency is even possible via text messages, email or custom link. The recipient doesn’t even have to deal with the complicated process of pre-downloading a wallet to get it. Their wallet and address are automatically generated for them once they click “accept.” Happy to see others trying this unique cryptocurrency ecosystem and gather their views on this.
Cristian Hueso Negrete
Cristian Hueso Negrete@cristian_hueso_negrete · Pegassus
I've been using this coin platform for a few months and just love it. Get in b4 its on the news!
Vineet Gupta
Vineet Gupta@vineet18del · Internet Technologies Evangelist
Looks like an amzimg idea. Will be happy to explore this out.