Real-time Airbnb & hotel income estimates from 500K cities

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A tool like this is useful for the real estate/investment community if you're interesting in purchasing property to offer on Airbnb. I won't comment on the economic challenges that this behavior might entail, because this may actually open up/encourage tourism/travel/local exploration in cities where these kinds of properties are opened up.
Hi I'm Reuven, the creator of Airvestor. Ask me any questions.
@ruv I am trying to use AirVestor to check out Jerusalem Israel for a 2 bedroom. I am getting very strange results. We are considering purchasing a property and are thinking about becoming an AirBNB host. Can you tell me what inputs are necessary to get an accurate picture of Jerusalem?
@yozapli our best results are in USA, but I see $187.00 average for 2 bed room in Jerusalem and $223.44 for hotels.
Very cool. Looking at the P&L worksheets, seems very targeted at people who do this kind of investing for other real estate asset classes traditionally, which is great. One big challenge we've seen for vacation rentals even more so than hotels is the high volatility in occupancy and average nightly rates. It may already be in the product, but a sensitivity table for different ADR and occupancy rates might help investors understand the downside and upside range of possibilities, since it will vary a lot more than long-term rentals. (and of course, once they've bought, they can use @beyondpricing to optimize that revenue ;) )
@ianmchenry @beyondpricing Hi Ian, ADR and occupancy is part of the service we will be rolling out. BeyondPricing looks like a great tool for our customer base.
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