Create your own decentralized blog with one click ✍

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2019

Airtext is a platform to create your own decentralized blog with one click. It is powered by Blockstack — a new internet for decentralized apps that you access through the Blockstack Browser.

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Hey Product Hunt, 👋 I am the maker of Airtext! Airtext is a platform to create your own decentralized blog with one click. It is absolutely free, allows bypass government censorship (like the Great Firewall or Roskomnadzor), and completely secure — nobody can hack and steal your data because it is encrypted and not hosted on centralized vulnerable servers (all your data is decentralized). Would love to hear your questions or feedback, thanks!
@sihaelov what about SEO features?
@faraujoj right now they are very poor, but they are on the roadmap.
@sihaelov I published a post but is there a hyperlink function?
@mjob4you do you mean a hyperlink to your post? Yes, it is under the image block and it names "Post URL". Or do you mean a feature to insert links inside text? This is on the roadmap and I will add it very soon.
@sihaelov Hi Mike, I mean how do I add hyperlinks in the text? I tried html code and markdown but either works.
@sihaelov curious, and sorry I'm not too familiar with Blockstack, how are you able to provide this for free? I assume the blog itself is stored off-chain (are you using IPFS?), but each hash to the file would have a write cost it seems. Would love to understand more. Nice work!
Hey @gehrigkunz, thanks! I do not use IPFS (but it is on the roadmap); it is free because your storage hub is provided by Blockstack PBC, but you can also run your own storage hub.
Love that you're using this to share your roadmap, @sihaelov. 👏🏼
@rrhoover Yep, it is really useful and gives the motivation to keep working every day on the project.
Sounds like a great idea. Would need to learn more about it. I can't say for sure.
How soon will you release the custom themes?