Android Text Messages on your Mac, PC, iPad & Android Tablet

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I use PushBullet because I don't like being tied to a specific SMS app on Android - although currently in love with Textra.
@morewillie I 💙 Textra, but have had to give it up after a couple of tries due to problems receiving MMS on my new phone :(
@morewillie I don't use pushbullet, but would love to try out airtext if I could use the native android app.
It's nice but how many people still use text message? I think iMessage, Whatsapp etc have taken the lead.
@sushant_shekhar Ironically, most of my text messaging is done with iMessage users! My Android friends have long since switched over to Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc., but my iOS friends generally only use iMessage, which means we have to keep using SMS to respond to them 😢
@sushant_shekhar SMS are hugely used in France, as we historically have them unlimited with all carriers for very cheap prices.
@quentindty I was telling by my perspective of what the world as a whole is using, even if France uses SMS right now, its highly probable that WhatsApp, Facebook and other messengers will penetrate with their AI enabled messaging apps!
@balindenberg That makes AirText the best product for you! :D
I'll be sticking with Pushbullet. Might be helpful to mention the cost on the landing page. It costs $130 and the trial allows 5 messages - check out the Android app reviews which were helpful to me as a potential customer.
Look nice, I use MySMS now for my Android and Windows 10 PCs. May switch if the experience is better...
As a recent switcher to Android, having texts sync with my other iDevices feels so nice