Airtable To Figma

Use Airtable data to automatically enrich your Figma designs

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2019
This plugin allows you to effortlessly pull text and images from an Airtable database and inject them straight into your Figma components. Build a single component, and map the Airtable data fields to the right layers and choose your layout. It's that easy!
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I'm a simple man, I see cats and click Upvote.
@simonflore You are a good man!
Very cool! Great for making realistic and dynamic Figma designs.
I can say I am proud of the result. It all started with a hackathon at the weekend. Beers, swimming pool, ribs! Yes, we build awesome stuff over a weekend at the company 🚀. Afterward, we organized an internal sprint week to get everything launch-ready and stable. So in 7 days we shipped this plugin! We are also happy we can finally give something back to the community and product. Especially an awesome product that made us grow and do our jobs better and made our lives easier. Thx Figma.
Awesome work @jorenryckaert, @simonflore, and team! Definitely, something that has been missing from our design workflow.
@simonflore @gertjanwilde Thanks Gertjan, if you ever have more ideas for potential Figma plugins, shoot! 🔫🤘🏻
This is great! Will make prototyping so much more realistic.