Airtable Pokédex

An 8th-gen Pokédex in Airtable for you to customize and use.

This is the Pokédex, recreated in Airtable. You can make a copy and customize it to make a personalized Pokédex, use the Airtable API to develop an app, or hook it up with a service like Zapier or Integromat to create without code.
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The Pokédex base features data on Pokémon (including 8th generation Galar Pokémon), types, abilities, moves, items, and more. It comes with a few Airtable blocks installed that offer a visual view (similar to Pokémon cards), a "Who's That Pokemon?" guessing game, and a search function across multiple tables. Make something cool. :)
This is very cool! Nice use of Airtable blocks.
Wow! A personal Pokedex! :D What a cool idea.