Airtable + Bannerbear

Auto generate images using Airtable

#4 Product of the DayApril 08, 2020
Airtable for Bannerbear enables you to generate beautiful social media graphics simply using an Airtable spreadsheet. Organize your data in Airtable, click one button, and see your images get generated in seconds.
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Hello hunters! A month ago I launched the Bannerbear API which allows anyone to generate images via a REST API. Today I am thrilled to launch a brand new #nocode integration that brings the app to a new audience: Airtable + Bannerbear! I know quite a few social media marketing managers and one aspect of their work is producing visual assets for posting on places like Instagram, Linkedin, Newsletters etc. It's time-consuming stuff as often there is an expectation of daily content from clients. Now you can automate this process. Design a template in Bannerbear, organize your data on Airtable, click "import" in Bannerbear, and watch all your images get magically generated! This integration has been built with social media managers in mind but I'm looking forward to see how you guys use it :) PS. f you're interested in following a tutorial, I wrote one here:
@yongfook Great! Certainly gonna use it. One question about pricing though. You probably tested this out, but personally I expected a pricing option of $5 or $6 for 100 images. (I know first 100 are free, but 40 p/m is somewhat steep if I only need around 100). Good luck!
@askjibran Hi Jibran, thanks for the feedback. Pricing is always a challenge to get right. I do know one thing though, and that is unfortunately I cannot sustain a business from $5 payments. Learned that the hard way. Pricing will inevitably get tweaked as I learn more about use cases, but I won't ever have a $5 or $6 price point. With this product, I'm looking to target individuals who are deriving hundreds or thousands of dollars of client value from using the tool, and pricing it accordingly at a reasonable fraction of the value received.
Just what I was looking for! Awesome.
This is great!
Bannerbear keeps getting cooler and cooler. Can't wait to give it a shot on an upcoming project!
Whoa.. my team is obsessed with Airtable, this could be interesting, checking it out now