Access and stream your personal media from anywhere.

Search and Stream multi-media and access files from your PC, Mac or Linux over the WiFi network and from DropBox, Google Drive, Box and One Drive on the iPhone seamlessly.
For a media-specific alternative, I strongly recommend Plex to anyone who is looking to stream their media to their devices. It has support for most devices and even allows you to 'sync' your media offline with their paid subscription.
I was really hoping to finally find a valid AirVideo replacement with this but unfortunately i couldn't get it to work right. It seems to be rather buggy and by the way the UX (onboarding) is rather horrible. EDIT: after some more testing i see the additional problem that by default you're publishing the whole content of your hard drive via this app which definitely is a security breach. I finally got it connecting my mac and my phone but it wasn't able to stream any media content so i guess it's even more buggy.