Airplay to your favorite Sonos devices.

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Excited this is on PH! (I wrote AirSonos) This was a fun little experiment I worked on earlier this year, and have been using ~daily with my own Sonos setup. Would love to hear any feedback, here or!
@stephencwan using it in our office right now, well done Stephen :)
Fantastic @stephencwan. Been hoping for something like this. Thanks for your work to put it together. For those who may not know this is great because: * Now I don't have to use the clumsy Sonos app for regular playing * Now I can play from apps not supported by Sonos * Now I can use all of my apps features (e.g. Spotify discover) * Now I can adjust the volume while phone is locked (with Sonos app works only with app open)
Discovered this through a recommended reading on Medium (link above). I love Sonos, especially all of the open source stuff out there around it. This would be awesome to bypass the need for an AppleTV or Airport Express.
This has been needed for a long, long time. Thank you.
I wish Sonos would support this officially. A note of warning to those on Yosemite: it doesn't work anymore on OS X 10.10 and the developer doesn't seem to know how to address it yet. Yay beta life :(