Build simple websites on your phone

Airsite is a mobile app for building simple websites. With Airsite you can build a personal webpage, portfolio, landing page or an online store right on your phone or tablet.
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Hey Product Hunt, maker of Airsite here👋 The goal is to build a simple but powerful mobile website builder. A tool that's friendly and intuitive for someone who makes their first website. But also powerful and flexible enough for power users who can create pretty much anything they want. It is still early days, but I think there is a glimpse of what's possible with "just a phone". A few examples of websites made with Airsite: Next up: - More blocks and templates (I know, it's super limited at the moment) - More improvements to the editor - Better, faster websites If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to ask here, email me ( or ping me on twitter @pyankoff. Happy creating! 🙌
@airsite @pyankoff Congratulations on the launch!
@fajarsiddiq Thanks Fajar! That's my first launch I was planning and preparing for. Super exciting🙌😻
Easy, fast, nice design, cool logo!
Thanks Nina!
Brilliant idea!
@begovatovd1 Thanks Dmitry! I like the idea too, still working on the implementation😁
Was using the app from early versions, great progress 👍
@mayya_vladimirova Thanks Maya, your feedback on the early prototypes was super valuable🙏
Sure thing :)