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@peisen_lin I love how you used the UberRUSH API to simplify shipping for businesses who don't have time to focus on stuff unrelated to what they create. That being said if Airship was a plugin or a sort of app that you find in the Shopify marketplace it would be great because the online store creator market is already saturated and dominated by companies like Shopify, Big commerce, etc... which have way more features and themes. By offering it as an app/plugin you can focus on the novel aspect of your product which is the UberRUSH integration while still making money and having a viable business.
@ghiliweld I love your suggestions Ghilia! :) Sounds great! Thank you! We're certainly experimenting a few different variations of ideas along the way. Your idea is immediately appealing to us! Cheers!
It's heartbreaking to get introduced to great products that those of us in Africa might never have access to. Great stuff, nonetheless!
@patrick_udeh Hey Patrick, if you like to have access to the platform for Africa, we may be able to come up with something together. Drop me an email at to discuss more!
Hey everyone! Peisen Lin from Airship here! We're excited to launch Airship, which lets merchant create a free online store and add on UberRUSH to their business in just a few mouse clicks. Merchants can now easily create a Pinterest-style online store, accept card payments directly on their websites, and add on a same hour delivery option to their stores without touching a single line of code. Here's a demo store - If you like what you're seeing, hit on the Get It button and visit our website! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Chat me up at!
would love to participate if/when you come to boston