Mirror your display and stream content from your iOS devices

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AirServer is the most advanced AirPlay receiver for Mac and PC. It allows you to receive AirPlay feeds, similar to an Apple TV and Mirror from your iOS device or Mac running Mountain Lion. Also checkout Reflector posted earlier! Skala
It is perfect tool for presentations. I imagined similar service. Because, at meeting rooms, everyone has smartphone so nobody needs projectors. My suggestion is maybe they can add value added services. For example, as a presenter, i want to ask a questions and want to get instant responses. They can add these kind of plugins to the services.
@ozguralaz AirServer only works with one iOS device at a time, and just acts as an AirPlay server on the computer. Whilst I think something like what you describe would be awesome, I don't think AirServer is the place for it.
Great app, primarily use this for demoing iPhone apps via my device. Often run in to performance issues/lag when streaming video, but well worth checking out.
@oliverwaters so with Yosemite / iOS 8, you can use an iPhone thats plugged in to your mac as a "camera" in quicktime. I imagine they added this feature so that devs can easily record videos for the app store (they even scrub the carrier name in the video!), but it's also been really useful for demoing things.
@sammybauch Nice! Thanks for the tip.
One of the best uses for AirServer is as an extra monitor for your Mac. I have it running on my HTPC and whenever I'm on my laptop and want to utilize the TV in front of me, I can add it as an external monitor through AirServer. No cables required!
Yosemite now let's you record the screen of your phone from Quicktime. Airserver still might be better for presentations though.