Enjoy bag-free journeys to and from the airport

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Perhaps the founder/CEO @randeldarby could be added here to answer questions.
Currently only available in London airports (but no doubt they have plans to scale this). The concept is that when you land, their porters will take your bag directly to the hotel, leaving you luggage free to travel/take meetings straight away. Then visa versa they can send your luggage back to the airport ahead of your flight before you leave. Thought it was a nice concept,and pricing is surprisingly affordable.
@jasondainter thanks for the support. Our plan is definitely to scale beyond London. It was a great place to start being our home and a huge city with over 145 million passengers a year via 6 airports! Next stop.. Europe ...another 350 million passengers from 11 cities.
Do you still have to take your luggage from baggage claim terminals? If so, the convenience seems a little short lived
@acondurache A good question, hoping to get the founder in here to answer that but according to their video explainer it looks like they might have custom baggage booths set up at the airports they work with
@acondurache at the moment most of our customers still collect their luggage and hand it to an AirPortr in arrivals. That said, we've just launched a pilot of our Carousel Collection and Delivery service with British Airways which enables to you to skip the wait/ and avoid towing your bags around town all day. People still find it really convenient as it means they can use public transport, avoid lugging bags from meeting to meeting or heading to the hotel first. The idea is you land and make the most of your time. Plus, we're also a really cost efficient way for you to get around a city like London!
Love the idea behind this. I've heard of similar ones but have always been a little to shy to try them out. Carrying luggage around the airport is such a pain in the butt.
Thanks @KristoferTM ...I know that too well/ it's why i decided to set up the company having done too much travel with baggage in tow. I think people are always a bit shy about trying something new but we've had great traction since launching in London a few months go. Word of mouth promotion/ referrals is really working for us from customers who have had a great (bag free) experience !