Instant customer portals from your Airtable base

Unlock the customer data you have in your Airtable with an instant beautiful authenticated portal that allow your customers access to only their data.
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I love using Airtable for almost everything related to my customers, but I've never found a way to give my customers access to edit their data themselves. I have tried to glue together tools like Zapier and form builders but the experience always ended up feeling clunky. So I decided to make Airportal. Airportal takes your data from Airtable and allows you to create pages and forms to give your customers the perfect experience to manage their data, orders, accounts... whatever you keep in your Airtable. I'm really excited to see if other people have come across this problem, and might find Airportal useful!
Do you have an ETA for the launch? This is something I am currently looking for.
@xedro We’ll be onboarding people in September and doing some tests before that. I will be in touch shortly to gather more details about your use case to see when we can get you setup earlier!
Ok this is *exactly* what is needed right now
this looks awesome
How will it be able to securely store passwords? Would be kinda cool to see a passwordless option with unique login links sent to the user’s email.
@peterdenatale I think they use your user/customer table for the email addresses but store the passwords at their side
@peterdenatale I'm excited to see if this supports single sign-on. That would be the killer feature for me.