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Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
🎯Strategist for Hire
Brilliant. It would be cool if they could deliver local delicacies not sold at the airport, too. So...connect Airport Sherpa with Postmates? The logistics at any level are terrifying.
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Tom Bielecki
Cofounder, PrintToPeer
There really needs to be a list of airports that this works at
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#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam
Have food, duty free, or gadgets delivered from any terminal in the airport to your gate, or have it waiting for you as you deplane at your arrival gate. I love this! - At-gate delivery or pick-up - Pre-order food or retail and avoid lines - Gate-to-gate walking directions - Flight itinerary integration - Airport concierge experience Not sure which airports this is operating at, but hope it spreads quickly!
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Pascal MorniroliConsumer Engagement Manager
Sounds like a brilliant idea but unfortunately it is not on France's AppStore so I'm afraid it my be limited to a specific airport (random guess SFO...?)