Minimal stylish protectors for your Airpods

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Welp... This is INFINITELY BETTER THAN MY IDEA... ... ... ... which was using a ~!@$#%##@~~!!! permanent marker...
Sheesh... Purchased.
@8bit haha reading same book and i also purchase the skins... what are the odds
@shtooova you should join us in the Daily Vlog! i'm walking through a chapter a day...
@8bit oh i would love to im only on page 60! just started saturday.. when i catch up forsure
@shtooova no need to catch up... just follow along in the way that we're doing it .one a day... and we're alternating through the chapters (sections). also, we have a giveaway... so... do that too!
Airpodskins are minimal stylish protectors for apple airpods that safeguard and let you change the look while still keeping the Apple aesthetic. They are easy to apply and each order comes with an extra replacement set.
@gillianim they fit in the charger?
@mattahorton Yes! they fit and charge perfectly in the case. That was important part of the design.
Hi, I’m Noah one of the makers of airpodskin. Thanks for posting @gillianim! My brother, Jon, and I are really excited about airpodskins. When we first pulled our airpods, we got the feeling that (1) It was a question of time until we put them in our pocket and get them all scratched up and (2) headphones are a fashion statement and these offer little opportunity for creativity. Hence, airpodskin was born. Thank you all for checking them out. Would love your thoughts! :)
@nslimak @gillianim hey... i haven't gotten mine yet. and there wasn't any tracking in the email... i hope they are coming...!
Make these in my exact skin color and I'm sold 😎
I got these. Finally. I shared a review: