AirPod Skins

Patterned stickers for your brand new AirPods.

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Accessories for Apple accessories are the best kind of accessories.
Stumbled upon these while hunting online for a pair of AirPods, thought they were pretty clever. They've got some crazy colors too. My one worry is that the AirPods won't seat / charge correctly in the case, but I would hope that they already thought about that. Not affiliated with the seller.
We are actually in production of a similar cover that will be available for sale in January - You can have a look here:
@jonslimak just ordered these instead :)
Good idea. But would want more elegant design
These stickers don't look Apple to me. Especially the apple logo looks too large
@janahrend 1st world problem huh
@janahrend agreed...I'd probably just use the skin on the AirPods themselves.