A $15 Wireless Charging Protective Case for AirPods ⚡

Beside Wireless Charging feature, AirPlus has its own outstanding features such as Easy to Install & Remove, Hard to Fall Out, 5 Color Options, Wireless Charging Time is as Fast as cable, and especially AirPlus is NOW AVAILABLE on Kickstarter with a very reasonable price $15 (LIMITED Reward) and with a specific distribution date 20/06/2018!

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Looks like people no longer want to wait for Apple to start selling products. Another wireless charging case launched just last week. Wonder when people will start making other Apple devices before Apple says they'll sell them :P
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@amrith Soon. Apple is starting to lose the edge. I think the Google voice call demo is a wake-up call to their voice assistant. They lost out on Homepod as well cause they were so late to the market. I was waiting for Airpower and I no longer care. I'm happy with the cheap IKEA version.
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@amrith Hi, thanks for your information. AirPlus is very different to the others because it's researched and developed with many outstanding features such as easy to install & remove, hard to fall out, 5 color options, wireless charging time is as fast as cable, and especially AirPlus comes with a very reasonable price and with a specific distribution date. You can visit our Kickstarter page to get more info about what I depicted above. Don't hesitate to ask me any question. Thanks.
@amrith @suganthanmn Apple is starting to lose? I thought they had already after the tragedy of Mr. Jobs, they have not been innovative for years, I fell out of love with Apple even before that. Back to the topic, this product looks really cool :) Great job guys.
Looking great! The silicon is made to be soft or hard?
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@michal_urbanowicz Hi, The silicon that is used for AirPlus is hard enough to protect your AirPods from impact, but it's soft enough to make you feel comfortable. You can check our Media Kit or our latest Update here for real pictures of just coming case today: Your feedback is very valuable to us. Thanks :")
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@hiqhome Thank you for the link -- it is great! 🙂
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