The backend for frontend developers and designers

AirPaper allows developers and designers to submit & collect their form data without needing to build a backend. It works really well for a custom designed landing page just needing to collect emails, or a more complex form like a course application. We also double as a nice way for non technical users to organize take action on specific data.

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Hey guys! We've just launched - a backend for frontend developers & designers. All you need to do is hit our endpoint and we store your data for you. We provide you a nice dashboard to organize and view that data, and also add options for exporting it. We've just got started building this (our first commit was about two weeks ago!) and we're excited to bring this to you guys. We run a software engineering firm and we built this product so that we could display form data to non technical users. We didn't want to build a separate custom view each time, and a bunch of off the shelf admin views were too janky to use, so we built this. We've got a bunch of features planned including data visualization, connecting your own DB's and using us as a dashboard, and even building your own forms. Let us know what you guys think!
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Cool product @patricklu10, Looks like it's non-dev friendly too. Would surely give this a try What's currently in the market that people use for this kind of thing?
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@vijay_selvaraju Hey Vijay, are you a developer? There's a couple of other products right now if you're building a custom frontend and don't want to build a backend. You can hack together something with google sheets, use dedicated services to specifically store emails like mailchimp, or use another service to host your data like firebase or formkeep. Our service is really simple to get up and running, and is extremely developer friendly. It's good for your team if you have non devs as well as it's easy for them to go through the data that you do get!
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