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City Book takes you on exciting journeys through some of the most photogenic places on earth, using virtual tours
Hello, Hunters! Two years ago we launched AirPano Travel Book app that was featured as 'App of the Year' on the App Store. Today we are excited to introduce you our new product – AirPano City Book! City Book lets viewers experience soaring through the sky above the some of most beautiful cities in the world, with tours of: • New York • Paris • Barcelona • Dubai • Amsterdam • Singapore • Rome • Shanghai • Buenos Aires • Moscow – "An Aerial View of Manhattan That Will Blow Your Mind" Gizmodo "Take an Incredible Bird's-Eye Tour" Mashable "Awesome 3D Virtual Tours" CNN "Hier dürfen Sie von oben herab schauen" Bild "Stunning aerial panoramic photographs from around the world" The Telegraph – Try it out and please share your feedback! Here are the promo codes: ALRJLKYM6J37 MFNFN363JF7L TEJXNYXK3XYW AATFTWJRNWXM 9MHM6EX6XYJJ We have 20 more promo codes to share, please contact us citybook@doubble.co to get one!
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