Automated industrial drones

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"New Israeli startup, Airobotics, has built a Transformer-like base station for its drones" Mindblowing:
Hi, I'm Efrat, Head of Marketing at Airobotics. Airobotics is based in Israel, founded in December 2014, and has over 70 employees to date. Airobotics is changing the industrial drone landscape by taking the drone pilot (the most expensive part in drone operations) out of the equation. We have developed a truly automated system which consists of 3 main parts: Optimus, a large, high capacity drone capable of flying 30-minute missions while carrying a one-kilogram mission specific payload. The Airbase, a completely automated base station from which the Optimus drone launches and lands on its own, without any human intervention. The Airbase includes a robotic arm that automatically swaps batteries and payloads once the drone returns to Airbase, minimizing downtime between flights. And the Airobotics Software, an integrated, dynamic software that enables users to control and manage missions with one click. Our system is fully operational, and has been deployed to date with 2 large customers. We are now extending to global operations, targeting mostly mines, seaports, oil and gas companies and other large industrial facilities. We've raised 28.5m$ to date in rounds A+B from BlueRun Ventures, CRV, UpWest Labs, Noam Bardin (Waze CEO) and Richard Wooldridge (Google ATAP COO).
So how much would it cost to get your hands on one of them? Especially if I wanted to attempt to bring it into the educational field!
hi @efenigson send my congratulations to all Airobotics´s crew. I have to say it: This is one of the most interesting drone manufacturing companies I´ve ever seen, and it seems you are in the right path, because this industry is flourishing (just in U.S market the potential growth is $3.3 Billion) So I just have two suggestions for your team and you: 1. Please, use HTTPS in your main site. This industry is full of regulations and complicated laws to get into, so the first impression matters, and if the main site use HTTPS for everything, believe me that´s a very good impression, at least from my perspective. 2. Why do not start a blog? @efenigson you could help a lot with that with your experience. Even, your management team could work together to create industry-research posts using LinkedIn´s Publishing platform and become in thought leaders in the industry. What do you think? A good example of this is @DennisMortensen CEO and Founder at
@efenigson This is amazing. How can it be purchased? Can you estimate the price? I have a project in which it would be very useful.
@munipandita see answer below
Very interesting ! Do you have a Press Kit I could use to write a post on Drones Nation ?
I remember when I got the press release about you from the PR, I only read the title and I thought that you are just another drone company. Than I saw your clip and understand what you are doing and I was really amazed :) keep the hard work!
@urieli17 Uri, thank you so much! I know it sounds unreal at first, but we have developed the future of drones ;-)
Reminds me of Airmada, A very cool company from the last Y combinator batch. How do you guys differentiate from them? Congrats on the release!
@bouazizalex Hi Alex, there are many drone companies, many of which are trying to crack autonomy. what differentiates us is our proven, deployed technology. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals is another differentiator.