Get to know the air you breathe.

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Hey, hunters! Let me introduce - a simple user-friendly tool to understand how healthy air you breathe is and to plan your day according to air conditions - all with a street resolution. We invite you to unveil what’s there in the air and share your personal air quality report with your friends. Type in your address and check out local air pollution sources, their impact on the overall air quality as well as the hyperlocal map of the region with air quality level overlay. Subscribe to our service to get notified when the air at your location becomes unhealthy. Breathe clean air even in the centre of the city!
Cool stuff! Thanks, man, now I can see that I am running not in the best place for sport.
@dmitriy_norenko Exactly, man! Thanks for your supoort. You are absolutely right. When you run - you inhale 2-3 times faster and it means that you inhale more pollutions in the city. And this project is a small part of AeroState technology - worldwide air quality forecasting and analytics system. Follow us on Facebook by the way :)
Are you going to add more cities? Awesome technology!
@konstantyn_makarov Yes, sure! We plan to keep the general idea of airNYC, but the data coverage will soon be scaled to the major cities. What cities are you interested in first of all? BTW, we already have an interactive map of current/future air quality in the several test cities at
Will there be an app with your data for ex for "running in Central Park"?:) The Runner's Map is an essential tool for runners that use Central Park for workouts, and especially those preparing for the NYC Marathon.
@manana_samuseva Yep, introducing our data into the mobile fitness apps is our big focus! Right now we are working on the web app for runners which uses API from This will help casual runners to track their performance according to different air quality conditions and plan the next activities. Moreover - right now you already can subscribe for our notifications at airNYC to receive alerts when the air quality around Central Park goes down during the day and plan your outdoor activity accordingly.
#airNYC mob app with sport-gudget? or app with FB-messenger and chatbot?
@manana_samuseva Rather the web app with a chatbot - it's easier to implement and the chatbot platforms are gaining attention recently.
Hey NeYorkers! What abt #AirNYC, you think just by setting the monetization up that the millions flow quickly? It's for the smart-city? or Real Estate and B2C-model for fitness-gudgets?
@manana_samuseva looks that you are really like it! thanks for one more useful comment) airNYC is a free secvice, but the data behind it is available for a subscription fee