Access your iPhone on Mac. No cloud, just magic.

#5 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2016



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Neeraj JhanjiMaker@jhanji · Founder, Tinker & ImaHima
Hello Product Hunters! My team created the simplest way to access iPhone photos from your Mac. AirMount consists of a simple iPhone and Mac app, launch them both and an ‘iPhone’ window pops up on your laptop. You can then drag and drop photos, videos, files. What’s more, it works without internet, like magic. I believe this is the most personal, simple, quick and natural way to share my photos between my devices. The underlying technology we built has so many applications. I would love to hear what you guys think!
Ed Holloway@edholloway · AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
@jhanji Any plans for Audio? I'm using DropBox autosync for Photos, and it works pretty well (for me) - but being able to manage music and podcasts like this would be great!
Neeraj JhanjiMaker@jhanji · Founder, Tinker & ImaHima
@edholloway You can drag and drop any type of file to your iPhone. AirMount has a built-in “drive" to store documents, files etc.
Ed Holloway@edholloway · AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
@jhanji But they won't show up in the "Music" app if I do this, right?
Neeraj JhanjiMaker@jhanji · Founder, Tinker & ImaHima
@edholloway No, files will remain inside the AirMount Drive and you can preview, play or share from there.
Josh Brown@joshsoftorino · Marketing Director, Softorino Ltd.
@edholloway @jhanji you can use WALTR for audio and it will show up in the Music app (
Ishai Ankri@ishaiankri · Head of Product
Great idea guys! good luck! just a few comments 1. its a free app- making me the business model, so- privacy policy? it should be very clear to me that you cant access my files just because im using this app. 2. Photos is the smallest problem with iPhone and macs. i saw you guys are doing audio and any other type of file- thats the really amazing thing you need to show on the app preview movie. 3. it wont connect on my phone. but im sure its only a temporary glitch right? Good luck again!
Neeraj JhanjiMaker@jhanji · Founder, Tinker & ImaHima
@ishaiankri Thanks for great ideas. # AirMount is now a paid app with a free trial. There is no cloud -- your content does not go to the internet so good privacy. # Noted your idea about showing the file manager features in the preview movie. # Can you email us if you are still having the connection issue? Be sure to update to the latest versions.
Oliver Smith@oliversmitheu · Senior Reporter, The Memo
AirMount: The flash photo app that cuts out the cloud
Jamie Barton@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
This is really nice. Far quicker than the native solution of using iPhoto. Well done 👍
Chase@billchase2 · Enabling Technologies Informationist
@notrab I typically use Image Capture to import my photos. This also removes the need for iPhoto and imports very quickly.
Dharmendra Verma@dharmendravit · Startup Lover & Foodie.
Not connecting..
Neeraj JhanjiMaker@jhanji · Founder, Tinker & ImaHima
@dharmendravit please email us and we'll do our best to help you!