The smart air purifier

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Nice writeup by WIRED's @aprilaser here.
Air quality can't be managed outside of the home, but inside the home is another story. This is the Nest of air purifiers. It automatically manages air quality, similar to how the new Tesla Model X filters air into the cabin. I'm really impressed with the design, and I'd like to see how it performs in reality.
any guesses on price? I'm guessing 900-1200 bucks, maybe more
@passingnotes $749 - $849 according to the WIRED article @rrhoover linked. Seems a bit expensive to me. I live in Seoul and we get pretty bad air quality here in the spring when Yellow dust and pollution blows over from China. I'm looking at getting a Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier which goes for only around $150 and look/work great.
How about power utilization? I live in an RV full-time and run off of solar energy whenever practical, so power utilization plays a big role in deciding on new devices to adopt. EDIT: Found what I was looking for here: