Turn your phone into a ruler with the power of AR

AirMeasure is the ultimate measuring ToolKit for your phone. Now anytime, anywhere you have not only a tape measure but a whole set of tools to let you measure almost anything. Loaded with features, download it now.

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I think its a great product - though I thought PH is all about released 'real' products and this one isn't.
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If you need testers, I'm using iOS 11 beta :)
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If you guys add metric support, and Android version, I will be among the first to download this app :)
@alina_karnaukh android is probably out of the question. This app uses apple's proprietary ARkit platform introduced in iOS 11
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Seems great, but how is this possible? To mesure something, the distance is an important factor, how is it taken in account? (ie. what if I'm pointing a plane on the sky? ^^). In the video, when measuring the frame diagonal for example, the top left corner is not at the same distance of the phone as the bottom right corner... how is this working?
@thierry_g going to assume you'll need to start the measurement by touching the camera to the object so it always starts at 0 distance
@sasha_lah Well, I'm not sure it explains how it could measure the distance between the object and the camera. Even by touching the object first, in the case of the picture frame measured in diagonal, I don't understand how it's possible. Imagine if the user move toward the wall, really close to it. Then between the top-left corner and the bottom-right corner, the phone would move on a really really short distance... How can the app handle that?
@sasha_lah @thierry_g Apple's ARKit (in iOS 11) provides this functionality. By using video and observing objects as they move in the camera view, ARKit can create a 3D mapping of the environment. Once it has enough reference points you can get the distance between points in the 3D.
@tadwook You linked to the edit link. I think this is the link you wanted:
@theashtube thanks for catching my mistake ; )