Culture-first digital employee handbook

Interesting way to sell website templates, but I have to say the one example available is rather disappointing. The layout variety displayed is lacking, and most content is treated exactly the same: one header size, one column body copy, and the option to have a white, coloured, or image background. We don't even see an inline-image. Can AirMason handle that sort of layout? What about captions?
@mrapierce hey! AirMason maker here. We're working with clients to create custom handbooks for them, and we'll be using those handbooks as inspiration for new templates. Eventually we're looking to offer an editor somewhere between Weebly and Medium.
Looks interesting. Tried Tydy recently loved the personalized onboarding for new employees. Also checkout
Interesting ... Onboarding is a big problem...I feel like the problem is even bigger than this though.
Awesome product!