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I bought the mac app recently, which I love, but as as user I don't see why I should pay for the iOS app. As a Dev, I understand the additional effort they put in which does demand a price. But unlike the Mac, iOS is a competitive market with apps like Inbox & Outlook. Would making the iOS app free, using it as carrot for the Mac App, not be a better idea?
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@ravivyas84 I was surprised as well at first, but my second thought was, well, Mailbox was free and look what happened. At least by charging they make the case that they're here to stay and are self-sufficient. After Sparrow and Mailbox I want a client that is going to last longer.
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@ravivyas84 It's $5. For an app that you would use all the time, that's pretty inexpensive.
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@xoalexo Agree there, but they are competing with Microsoft & Google who are providing free clients. Also they need to reach a critical mass to survive while being a paid app.
@manigandham Not for a majority of folks from India & China. Just to clarify I did buy the iOS App too. But most of my developers friends here don't pay for apps.
@ravivyas84 I'd love to hear from the makers on this. My guess is they've taken a look at the whole field of email apps (I know Boxer is also 4.99) and decided premium is the market they want to reach.
I've been hunting for a Mailbox replacement the last few weeks, and Airmail on the Mac has been the best so far. Really glad to see the release of their iPhone app.
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@xoalexo does it provide swipe gestures? That and Mailbox's speed is what I miss the most.
@happygezim yes, it provides swipe gestures very well! Speed is fast as well
@xoalexo Does the iOS and Mac app provide swipe gestures to create a to do list or reminder like mailbox? I need a simple solution for this I have the mac app, but can't really imagine investing another 5$ on the iOS app if they're still underdeveloped and don't really support the features I needed
Installing this for sure. Airmail on OSX is great.
I love the icloud sync feature. It allows you to transfer all your settings from the Mac app to the iOS app. No setup at all.
@ericdiepeveen You still need to enter your passwords
@ravivyas84 You are right. Worst feature ever! :D
@ericdiepeveen On the bright side, the login page has 1Password integration. Win!
@ravivyas84 @ericdiepeveen This was one of the BIG requests from our beta testers, personally I feel all apps should be integrating 1Password.
@zaccoffman @ravivyas84 @ericdiepeveen would be nice if that 1Password integration was also on the services login pages like OneDrive and such :)
Would all email app developers please meet up for a cup of tea, put their heads together and resolve this whole email lark once and for all. It can be done. The love would be shear bliss!
@tomflemming This could be very interesting