Airmail for iOS

One of the best Mac email clients, now on iPhone

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Zac Coffman-Magaha
@zaccoffman · Marketing Consultant/Social @ 123bet.com
Hey guys! I'm part of the support team for Airmail. If you have any questions, etc feel free to send them my way. Have a feeling I'll be handling a lot of requests today, so will try to get to every question as quickly as possible. Thanks @xoalexo for hunting us. And for @leonardo_4473 and @BloopKoda for creating such an awesome application that I'm sure y… See more
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Ravi Vyas
@ravivyas84 · Founder Odiocast.com
I bought the mac app recently, which I love, but as as user I don't see why I should pay for the iOS app. As a Dev, I understand the additional effort they put in which does demand a price. But unlike the Mac, iOS is a competitive market with apps like Inbox & Outlook. Would making the iOS app free, using it as carrot for the Mac App, not be a better ide… See more
Alex Manthei
@xoalexo · Product Designer at Lyst
I've been hunting for a Mailbox replacement the last few weeks, and Airmail on the Mac has been the best so far. Really glad to see the release of their iPhone app.
Dave Evans
@dav3evans · Frontend Web Developer
Installing this for sure. Airmail on OSX is great.
Eric Diepeveen
@ericdiepeveen · CEO, Stolen Couch Games
I love the icloud sync feature. It allows you to transfer all your settings from the Mac app to the iOS app. No setup at all.
Myna Moments
@tomflemming · Chance vs Opportunity
Would all email app developers please meet up for a cup of tea, put their heads together and resolve this whole email lark once and for all. It can be done. The love would be shear bliss!