Airmail 3

A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS

#3 Product of the WeekMay 23, 2016
Susie Trujillo
John Oss
  • Pros: 

    Beautiful, functional


    Can be buggy, can't currently sync to Slack, GDrive

    I've been actively searching for an email client that gave me a universal inbox for all my accounts. As a consultant, I regularly have 3+ client email addresses in addition to my main 3-- work, personal, business campaign funnel. I love the sleek design and ability to reach inbox zero. I already have a good email system, so those who dont actively use folders may not be as wowed as I was -- and still am. Looking forward to continued updates, bug fixes and app integrations.

    Susie Trujillo has used this product for one year.
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Hassan Abdulhamid
Hassan Abdulhamid@uxdzen · No headline
I swear to the gods of tech, this is the best mail client on Mac
Derek Nuzum
Derek NuzumHunter@dnuzum · Product Manager | Web Developer
@uxdzen Agreed. I don't know how I got by for so long with alternatives.
James McCarthy
James McCarthy@jjjams · CEO Placement Labs
@uxdzen No doubt. Could not have put it better myself.
Jagan Ganti
Jagan Ganti@jagan123 · Product Guy
@uxdzen Both the new and the old
Justin Pirie
Justin Pirie@justinpirie · Growth PMM @ Twilio
@uxdzen It really is. However it's definitely buggy and I wish they had a better update mechanism for their Beta program.
Oskar Krawczyk
Oskar Krawczyk@oskar · JSFiddle and creator
@uxdzen Totally agree. I've tested so many email clients since Mailbox was shut down by Dropbox, no client comes even close to the stability and snappiness that Airmail offers – Polymail, Nylas, and other new clients are a slow and clunky mess in comparison. I've been using the 3.0 beta for a few months, and it's really nice to see how far it came since the initial versions. Also, really happy they removed delivery tracking in the in RC – too much of an invigilation for my taste.
Nikita Korotaev
Nikita Korotaev@nikitakorotaev · Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
I've used Airmail for a long time and I liked most of it, but search experience was quite bad. It was slow and results were not as smart. I've migrated to Inbox(via Boxy app) since then, search experience there is superb to other products(fast with suggestions & corrections). I see "Online Search" as one of the new features. How does it work?
Justin Bauer
Justin Bauer@bauermetal · Software Engineer & Email Dude, WedPics
@nikitakorotaev seems like their feature list implies some search improvements. Maybe worth a shot.
Leonardo Chiantini
Leonardo ChiantiniMaker@leonardo_4473 · Developer
@nikitakorotaev it use the full Gmail syntax even if you have no messages downloads, and you can create a smart folder of this.
Kushagra Agarwal
Kushagra Agarwal@kushsolitary
@nikitakorotaev I just tried searching in the new version and I would say it has been improved a lot!
Leonardo Chiantini
Leonardo ChiantiniMaker@leonardo_4473 · Developer
@kushsolitary @nikitakorotaev there is space for improvement but overall is quite powerful
Rai-mon Nemar Barnes
Rai-mon Nemar Barnes@raimonnemar · Owner, CodeSwitch LLC
@nikitakorotaev I had the same experience with the search but the search is AWESOME now! I'm a lifer now!
Derek Nuzum
Derek NuzumHunter@dnuzum · Product Manager | Web Developer
Loads of new features! New – Smart Folders New – Vip New – Vip notifications New – Actions New – Send Later (Gmail and Exchange) New – Customizable Menu New – Customizable Gestures New – Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts New – Customizable Folders New – Calendar integration (apply to new permissions) New – Fuzzy Label, Move to New – Online Search New – Message Rendering Engine New – Action Space Key to scroll New – Action Unsubscribe New – Rules Export/Import New – iCloud Rules sync New – iCloud VIP sync New – iCloud Smart Folders sync New – Forward messages in Rules New – Sort Messages By Account New – Recipients detected from previously sent messages New – Integration Asana New – Integration Trello New – Gmail (Primary Inbox support) New – Redesigned threads New – Reply To Field Improved – Sending with VPN (Gmail) Improved – Quick Reply Improved – Composer Attachments Improved – Thread rendering Improved – Respect Silent Notification Improved – Starred on threads Improved – GAL now support groups Improved – Contacts Fixed – Autocorrect on Subject Fixed – Gmail multiple Login Windows Fixed – Sporadic Half rendering Messages Fixed – Links messages
Kushagra Agarwal
Kushagra Agarwal@kushsolitary
I've been using Airmail since it was launched and honestly, it's the best email client imo. Although I don't see any update notification for the new version? Is this a paid upgrade? Edit: It's a free update guys! Go get it :D
Doron Adler
Doron Adler@norod78 · Programmer at Glide Talk, Ltd.
@kushsolitary I was wondering the same thing. So, I opened the Mac Appstore and Yay It's a free upgrade ^_^
Kushagra Agarwal
Kushagra Agarwal@kushsolitary
@norod78 aww yiss 🙌🏼
Leonardo Chiantini
Leonardo ChiantiniMaker@leonardo_4473 · Developer
@kushsolitary is a free update for previous users
Kushagra Agarwal
Kushagra Agarwal@kushsolitary
@leonardo_4473 Yeah just updated it. I was logged out of App Store so didn't get the update notification!
Jesse Kramer
Jesse Kramer@jesse_kramer
I have to say that my experience with Airmail has been bad. Mobile app wouldn't complete mail load. Host of bugs. To top it all off, they have heavy marketing to make it look like the best invention since the iphone. Go to Appstore. sort reviews by most recent and see if those issues are important to you. Really have to do research now to filter through the hype.
Leonardo Chiantini
Leonardo ChiantiniMaker@leonardo_4473 · Developer
@jesse_kramer the apps are both new and for sure there are issues. We are, and willing to fix in future updates.
Sylvain Laffont
Sylvain Laffont@sylvainlaffont · Team spirit manager @acyba
@jesse_kramer for sure the iPhone & iPad app didn't have the same maturity than the desktop app. But you have to give a shot at it, it's a really good app and this 3.0 upgrade is just awesome.
@leonardo_4473 Not all. I had major issues which you couldn't solve. I changed to Spark and problem solved. @jesse_kramer