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#4 Product of the DayApril 05, 2019
AirMagic resolves all issues inherent to aerial photography in one move. No more tiring photo editing that requires time, special knowledge and expensive software. Simply drag & drop all your pictures to the app, and let technology do the work.
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40 Reviews4.9/5
We love photos & videos made with a drone. Who doesn't? They show a different perspective and give you a different view on everything. At Skylum we want to make photographers happier, so we create tools that solve existing problems faster. AirMagic is as magic and simple as it sounds. It quickly makes your drone photos look great and allows you to save hours of manual traditional editing. It understands what drone you use, and applies custom treatment to different photos. If you take images with your DJI, Fader, Parrott, Yuneec or any other drone, you'll love using AirMagic. And you'll love taking photos with your drone even more. All the best guys.

Thanks to Airmagic, now I can save a lot of my time. Automatiс editing is just awesome. All my old drone photos now looks like a professional.


Batch processing, Quick edit, Raw files support, drone camera detecting,


Would be great to have a mobile app also.

Hey Yaroslav, Thank you very much for your feedback!

AirMagic is the best option for those don't want to spend hours editing large-scale images having thousands of details.


Fully automative, time-saving, small details analyzing and improving


Image Resolution enhancing feature would work

Hey Diana, Thanks a lot! This is our mission to automate photo editing with the power of AI and save your time.
Why is this only for aerial photos? I just bought photolemur, would I need this? what's special?
@danirogerc Hi Daniel! If you shoot drone photos, you definitely need this :) It's adapted for aerial and drone photography, and final results are different from what you'll get with Photolemur. You can try our free version to see how you like it:
@danirogerc I have Photolemur and love the product. I tried AirMagic and preferred the results with Photolemur. I would advise downloading the trial. My source was not amazing, but images were overly saturated with AirMagic. Still, it is very inexpensive and a good tool.
@danirogerc @gareth_murran1 Thanks for your kind words. We are trying to do our best! Have you tried AirMagic with your drone photos?
@danirogerc @liliia_on I tried the same two Mavic 2 pro photos with each product as I was trying to figure out if it was Photolemur rebranded or a new product. I love Photolemur for its quick workflow. I'm sure AirMagic has some improvements but on my test images, I prefer the default Photolemur look. The Gold standard would be to have AirMagic as plugin in Luminar that I can then further tweak. :)
@gareth_murran1 That's so nice to hear that you're using Luminar as well!

Finally, I can sort out and edit my drone photos


Quick and simple


No option to edit video yet

Hey Sabina, Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback!