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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I appreciate airplane sims but have no idea why people subject themselves to such a mundane activity. 😄
Steven W@mrwongsteven · Nice guys finish lunch.
@rrhoover the creator must have worked in the airline industry and found some amusement from it.
Muni PerezHunter@munipandita · Founder
@rrhoover LOL I just now saw your comment. I've been in the Air Force as a pilot before, when I was introduced to the game, and it's very addictive. The interesting thing is that it's a management and strategy game with fierce competition (each game world has 1,000 players and a good amount of them are really experienced), so you have to work your strategy really hard to beat competition.
Muni PerezHunter@munipandita · Founder
@rrhoover The thing is, each move you make will only have effects in the following weeks because it's a real time game.. So if your move is right , that's good (well played) but if your move was wrong you are screwed. And you have to think in every aspects: aircraft types, fleet commonality, the right aircraft for each route (long/short distance, high or low density), seat types x passenger comfort x number of seats, and most importantly, how your flight schedule is arranged to provide connections for passengers and how you take passengers from the competition by having better connection times.. Oh and also, other players can get together and take you to bankruptcy by simply creating hubs in nearby airports and by offering better connections than you with a lower price (if they have cash to burn)
Muni PerezHunter@munipandita · Founder
@mrwongsteven I don't know them but I'm sure one of them is an airline pilot. A number of players are involved in the industry as well, but most aren't (like myself, although I was involved in a way a few years ago)
Vincent Leeuw@deleted-87512 · Owner, CX Works
Is this an Aerobiz replacement? Because it doesn't quite look like an Aerobiz replacement. But as I need an Aerobiz replacement, I might just try it.
Muni PerezHunter@munipandita · Founder
This a game that has been around for years. I've been playing it since 2009, and it was already pretty advanced. It's very addictive because you must have a good strategy since everything happens in real time. So a strategic move will only have effects after a few weeks, at least. The only problem is that it consumes a lot of time, so you end up losing hours planning flights :/
Muni PerezHunter@munipandita · Founder
That's why I stopped LOL I don't have time anymore 😟 but I want to go back