An urban breathing mask for the 21st century

#5 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2015
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I understand this is trendier and better for the environment than the classic paper mask, but I still feel that I'd look a lot like Bane (the villain from Batman) if I wore a mask.
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@katesegrin Hi Kate, I understand your concern! Masks are still sometimes frowned upon in the street. But think back to what happened with sunglasses for example. They started off as a protection against sun light, but today I sometimes catch myself wearing them as a fashion item on a cloudy day. And I am probably not the only one ;)
@katesegrin Funny, "Looking like Bane" would actually be the one of the main reasons why I would buy this 😏😄
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@katesegrin I was thinking the same thing 😄
@lehrjulian @katesegrin +1 for a Darth Vader edition with included voice changer switch. Could really freak some people out with that claiming to be their fathers :-)
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Thanks a million for both the hunting, the voting and the commenting - we love your support! @Ludvig Berling: At Airinum, our belief is that people all around the world should have the right to the most essential human need, breathing clean air. Our missions are to provide the best breathing protection for everyday life and at the same time help raise awareness about air pollution so that people can breathe without endangering their health. Unfortunately, poor air quality is today an acute problem for millions of people around the world - that's why we created the urban breathing mask; protective, functional and stylish. In this way, we give urban dwellers something they actually want to wear, instead of feeling embarrassed about it. Long-term, we hope that this product doesn't even have to exist!
@heartstream Does Airinum have any future plans to help create an environment where the masks are no longer needed? Your mission would align nicely with many non-profit clean-air initiatives. Any plans to partner with these kinds of organizations?
Living in Sweden, I'm blessed with pretty clean air but sadly that's not the case for all of the world. Although breathing masks exist today, these guys are differentiating by focusing heavily on design (doing it the Swedish way, of course!) but also by using replaceable filters that are more environmentally friendly than a one time mask. They launched on Kickstarter recently and already exceeded their goals. Keen to hear more on the inspiration behind this from the founders...
So it looks really nice. Fashionably this would be interesting for many. However according to World Bank data, pollution is the lowest in the history in Western world. We are breathing the cleanest air. Critical places are only in Asia and Africa when it comes to air pollution .. So who are you targeting exactly?
@marko_is Great point Marko. Air pollution in Western countries has indeed decreased. It is however still one one of the largest health risks and responsible for many deaths even in the U.S. and cannot be considered 'clean'. But you are certainly right in that our mask will have its largest market in countries with extreme air pollution, like China, India as well as many countries in the Middle East and Africa. A recent study from Nature gives a great overview of how air pollution might develop in the future and how it affects our health:
good thing most of europe and us has near-good levels of pollution! good luck to all those who travel to china & india