Airim 2.0

Show personalised FAQs before live chat

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2019

Airim lets customers explore your product or website easily on their own, by providing simple yet personalized assistance anywhere within your website or app.

Used by 100+ websites and about 2,000+ users per minute, Airim is helping businesses around the globe delight their customers every moment!

  • Debdut Mukherjee
    Debdut MukherjeeMarketing Strategist

    1. Clean UI/UX 2. Super-fast FAQs 3. "Don't fiddle through the website" approach 4. In-depth Analytics


    There's a long journey ahead of Airim. A lot of funtastic features can be implemented.

    I know Sujoy (Founder & CEO, Airim) personally. He has an analytical mind with a data-driven approach to improving his product and the company as a whole.

    Debdut Mukherjee has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Clean UI, Faster Search


    Need to get better at naturally suggesting answers :)

    I know Sujoy personally and have seen journey of Airim right from start. The team is focussed on improvind the product experience and so far they have been successful. Still a long road ahead.

    Mayank Pokharna has used this product for one month.
Hi Hunters 👋 I am one of the makers of Airim. Our entire team is super excited to be on Product Hunt today. Thanks @kevin for hunting us 🙏 Our goal behind Airim is to craft a fast, reliable and delightful self-help experience for the web. 🎉 If you care about your customers, you spend so much time writing help articles and recording how-to videos. ✍ But even after doing that, support tickets continue to pile up and users keep dropping off at every stage. 😢 😥 If only there was a faster way your users could discover self-help articles and videos when they needed them most. So instead of getting annoyed with your product, they fall in love with it. 😍 Airim solves this challenge by using some cool machine learning and personalisation to surface the right self-help articles for your customers at the right moment. 😇 So they can find information in one click without leaving their current page. They still have the option to search for more articles, use a live chat or fill a contact form, all without leaving their current page. Airim blends smoothly with Intercom,, Freshchat, ConvertFox and 20+ chat and helpdesk tools, with more in the pipeline. It can also import all articles from your FAQs page in one click! Since we started about two years ago, B2Cs as well as B2Bs were able to close inbound sales 30% faster, reduce their support load by upto 80% (yeah, they swear by it) and improved their NPS as well as retention rate in double digits. 🔥 ⌛ Now there are other self-help products, some of them are good too. But our beef with them is that when a customer needs help quickly, they have to put a lot of thought about what exactly to type inside the widget to get answers fast. Most of the time, users do not know what to type. So they get miffed and start looking for alternates. Here’s how we are different - ⚡ Faster ticket resolutions: Since we don’t wait for users to think and type their problems, we resolve user problems within seconds rather than minutes! 🔗 Quick Integration with most popular live chat, helpdesk or CRM tools 📊 Analytics is easy to understand and data can be sliced and drilled down as much as you want ✉️ Get email alerts any time someone wants to contact you :innocent: (Slack coming soon too!) 💘 Increase relevancy of your FAQs by page, user source, browser, device, location and many more Apart from all this, we are improving the product every day with new features. We’ll be around the entire day to answer any questions you might have. 👋 v:P.S. As a SPECIAL PRODUCT HUNT OFFER, we’ll give 20% discount to any Product Hunter who signs up today (code: producthunt) 💰
I know the founders personally and having used Airim for my business I can vouch for it's effectiveness. Usually when you have a knowledgebase/FAQ, it's a lot of effort for customers to find answers, but Airim greatly simplifies that process by surfacing relevant questions depending on a lot of factors that you can control. It definitely provides a lot of value to our business and helped us reduce our support ticket load significantly, and yes, since customer questions are quickly answered, it also increased conversion rates and decreased lead times. Best of luck @sujoy_chaudhary @samvit_majumdar !
@samvit_majumdar @asaddhamani Thanks a lot for your positive feedback Asad! Climber was the first edutech to trust us and there has been no looking back ever since!
GENIUS! I have no words, everything seems so well thought out. This comes to solve a real pain point in websites. Unwieldy FAQ sections 😱
@anna_0x So glad to hear this from you Anna! Cant wait to see you start using it!
Looks super interesting. I see this as a cheaper and lite version for something like Drift or Intercom. Assuming the product roadmap would lead it to something like Intercom. Pros : FAQ Driven ( lesser contact rates, love it ) Cons : Too basic currently. But looks like it has a lot of potential. Good luck team. 😃
@vaibhavsisinty Glad you found it useful Vaibhav! Would love to get detailed feedback from you. Let's connect on chat!
@sujoy_chaudhary Cheers man! Good luck 😉
Good to see you trending, I haven't been able to use the product so far, but maybe soon enough 😌 best of luck!
@ianubhavtyagi Thanks Anubhav! What are you waiting for? 😉