Simple solution to secure your AirPods. No strings attached!

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With AirHooks your AirPods will be secure, no matter how hard you shake your head.
I ran 8 miles in heavy wind yesterday. My AirPods fell out at mile 5. I get why they made this.
@andrewwarner did your regular iphone headphones with wire ever fall out? i assume yes..
@shtooova @andrewwarner at least those stay attached to your body and don't get lost.
@shtooova yes but when they feel out they didn't land on the floor or potentially get lost.
I love my AirPods and don't feel a need for these in every day usage. But I'd be tempted to get them for when I want to go for a run. I haven't tried running with them yet, though, so it may not be needed.
@edowling how are they more prone to falling out of your ear when running? in the originals the wire actually pulls down on them towards gravity .. if anything the airpods should be more secure
@shtooova I haven't gone for a proper run with them, but just for you, I ran a few laps around the office and they were absolutely fine.
@edowling lol i have them .. they are never falling out
Oh?... Santa didn't bring you AirPods? Don't worry... Earbudi's got you covered!:
Omg! Just don't buy that AirPods and that's all)))