Airfoil 5

Stream any audio from your Mac all around your network

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2016
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I didn't think it was possible but the Rogue Amoebas just made the best audio distribution system for Mac and Windows a mighty bit better. With Airfoil 5 you can send audio from any source on your Mac or PC to multiple outputs, in sync. Airplay, bluetooth, whatever you got. You can even turn your mobile devices into audio receivers and turn them into remote controls. Fab!
Damn, that sync is wicked!
@t55 We worked long and hard on this, and it's very gratifying to see such feedback. Thanks!
Been a happy user of Airfoil for years. Just paid for the upgrade.
I've been using airfoil since 09 or something like that. It's made my life significantly better by removing friction in handling sound output. I've often wondered why Apple doesn't buy them to integrate this into everything.
Wish this worked for Sonos :(
Does "in sync" mean that it automatically syncs audio now? I had to manually do this for each speaker with the old AirFoil, and sometimes they would fall out of sync anyway. Still, it's an amazing product and I'm excited for this upgrade!
@topdownjimmy Airfoil has always worked to sync all outputs, all the way back to version 2 (the first to support multiple outputs). If the offset you have is consistent (as when you have a device hooked up to a receiver that adds latency, for instance), the new “Advanced Speaker Options” can likely help.