Turn your old phone into a wireless music system like Sonos

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THIS IS AMAZING - I've got an old but awesome JBL iPhone soundsystem with the old 30pin connector. Now I can place an old iPod touch in it and blast songs from my Macbook Air straight to the speaker! For now I just connected it to 3 iPhones lol, really cool! Question though: iOS to iOS streaming would be the holy grail, but I have a feeling that's not going to be possible?
@bramk iOS to iOS can be done, but only indirectly. In short, send iOS Device A to Mac, then send from the Mac to iOS Device B (and C, D, etc.). See this link for more details:
@bramk I believe that you can stream from iOS to iOS by using a combination of Airplay (apple) and Airfoil Speakers Touch (rogueamoeba). Here's a link:
@MikeBronfman thanks for the response. Yes you use this "speakers" app to stream the sound to your iOS device. But the source can only be OSX or Windows :(
Awww :-(
I've heard great things about Airfoil. If you're looking to stream from iOS to iOS try Lysn in ( @MikeBronfman @bramk