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airfocus is a prioritization and roadmapping solution to help teams collaborate on strategy, make informed decisions and build outstanding products.

Integrates with Jira, Trello, Asana, Azure DevOps and Zapier.

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Hey product hunters, First of all, thanks to @kwdinc for hunting airfocus. We're super excited to be here. Our goal with airfocus is to give you an elegant solution so you can make better prioritization decisions and build more effective roadmaps. Why did we create airfocus? We're product enthusiasts and experienced in many projects that the way people prioritized was broken: There was either... a) no structured workflow at all to define what is important or b) process overkill with complex tools that require weeks of training to get started. All we were looking for was an integrated and intuitive, but still powerful solution that focuses on the most important task in product management: prioritization. As we couldn’t find something useful, we took on the responsibility to build a solution both for our personal use and of course, for those sharing the same concerns. We're huge fans of project management tools like Jira, Trello or Asana and knew early on that a seamless integration with these solutions would be key in providing value to our users. airfocus can be used standalone or as a strategy addon to your existing tools to help you discover what truly matters. We have a nice present as well for the Product Hunt community: Apply PRODUCTHUNT at checkout and save 30% for one year. I hope we can welcome you to airfocus to help you build even better products yourself. Our team will be available all day to answer any questions you may have. What is important to you for a prioritization solution? We're really looking forward to your feedback 🙏.
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The cat illustrations are a nice touch 👏
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@rrhoover No Product Hunt launch without cats, right ;)
We've been using Airfocus for a few months now, it has really helped us visualise our roadmap and prioritise smartly – also Malte and his team are customer support and feedback Rockstars! Have not had the chance to try the Trello integration yet, how does it work? Does it add an airfocus score to all my cards? This might get confusing if a task is not part of the official roadmap?
@louis_sugar Thanks for the compliments, Louis. The Trello integration is very straight forward: just add the Power-Up to your board, connect it with your airfocus workspace and you will instantly see airfocus magic on your Trello board and cards. Obviously only on those cards that you have rate in airfocus. Check the gif in the gallery for how it works.

Love this app. It makes decision making easier, which isn't really an issue when there are 10-20 tasks, but is a real pain in my ass when there are hundreds of ideas and things to do. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the all the paths I can go with my project, and airfocus gives me an elegant way to rank and structure all that mess into a nice and clean roadmap.

It's like a layer between my Trello board with hundreds and hundreds of ideas and actual development process, a decision booth.

Also appreciate the attention to the business side of development process, cause as a solo entrepreneur/developer, who really enjoys programming, I often get caught up in coding for the sake of coding, while forgetting, that the main purpose of creating business is making money. So airfocus for me is also a reality check.

For me the best way to understand stuff is visually, so that's another thing airfocus comes useful, cause Timeline view is so much more comprehensive, than plain Trello cards stack.

Would be interesting to know what's the origin of the prioritization method, used in the app.

Look forward to seeing the project grow, good luck guys ❤️


Generates order out of the chaos of my Trello ideas stack


Is not yet optimized for mobile

Hi Ivan, Thanks for detailed and inspiring feedback❤. You nicely and accurately described our motivation for creating airfocus. As you use Trello you also might wanna check out our Trello Power-Up: The prioritization methods that we apply are based on best practises and proven tactics from the product management and strategy literature. We did extensive research and adjusted our learnings so they fit the workflows of modern teams. Hope this was helpful. Let me know, if you wanna go deeper and we can arrange a call.
Looks like a very helpful product. As a freelance developer I've seen numberless projects where a better prioritisation process (or better some process) would have resulted in better products. Would also be cool, if developers could have a say in what they think should be prioritised.
Thanks @provash_shoumma ! And you are absolutely right. We are already working on a feature that will let everyone you want to get an opinion from, vote on items. That way developers, investors and any other member of your product development process can get a voice in the prioritization. airfocus will then automatically calculate an average of all votes.