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Hey Product Hunt! One of the creators here. :) The interviewing space is heating up and building a tool such as Airety has been a lot of fun. We're in the process of rolling out some slick new features. Happy to answer any/all questions and discuss the future. Zach
Hey Product Hunt! We built Airety with recruiters and candidates in mind, to deliver the best hiring experience. With Airety, we focus on reliability of the code environment and simplicity of use for everyone, such that engineers can actually focus on the interview. My favorite feature is the instant setup. You can get your entire team up in 1 minute -- it's all one link, no signup required on their part. We would love to hear your feedback, feel free to reach out anytime. P.s. For the hardcore engineers we got keybindings like Vim & Emacs.
Great work! I'm really hoping Airety changes the game around technical coding interviews; this space is in need of disruption. Do you plan on adding support for browsers that do not yet support WebRTC, and also native (desktop/mobile) apps?
@unsunghero97 The only browser that fails to support WebRTC is Safari and while important, it's rumored that Apple should release support soon. Since Safari is great at auto-updating, we're excited to see that roll out. No native apps in the works. People don't seem to want that sort of thing -- at least those we've talked to thus far!
Special thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us.
I'm the CoderPad guy - welcome to our space, and good luck.
@fulligin Hey Vincent! Thanks man -- it's a fun problem to tackle. :)